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    Our vision

    Flickmates originated in 2016 when a group of cinema students at Sapienza University came together and quickly evolved into a close-knit circle of friends who shared a common passion: Cinema. We have a strong belief in artistic values and aspire to expand and explore new horizons in cinematic expression. From our perspective, films are not merely commodities but rather distinctive manifestations of human artistic expression.

    What we do?

    We produce feature and short films. We distribute films in cinemas through targeted strategies. We create and manage marketing campaigns to engage with the film’s audience in a unique and memorable way. We develop, produce, and distribute limited edition collectible products related to the world of our films. We develop and organize film festivals and events. We constantly conduct research activities for software and apps capable of innovating in the world of film production, distribution, and exhibition. Our home is Rome, and our activities primarily take place in Italy, with an international perspective focused on collaborating with artists and productions from all across Europe and every other part of the world, while maintaining the style and characteristics that set us apart.

    Who we are?

    Alessandro Marzullo
    Producer and Creative Director

    Nicholas Fiorentino
    Producer and Data Analyst

    Giancarlo Crocetti
    Production and Administration