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#Unica wins Best Short Premiere Award at 24° Film Festival of Lenola

On the final evening of the 24th International Festival Inventa un Film of Lenola, the award ceremony was staged, led by the artistic director Ermete Labbadia. It was a beautiful edition of the festival that awarded many talents of Italian and international Cinema, assigned by an high level jury.

LENOLA (LATINA), ITALY – AUGUST 8: the jury member Emanuela Panatta gives Alessandro Marzullo the Best Short Premiere Award of 24° International Festival Inventa un Film of Lenola


Alessandro Marzullo received the First Prize for Best Short Film “Premiere Award” for Unica.

This award is very important because it is the first competition in which Unica takes part, following the special presentation that took place at the 52nd of the Giffoni Film Festival.

Flickmates would like to thank the whole festival and in particular the president and Artistic Director Ermete Labbadia for the exceptional work done again this year and for 24 years, in a stoic and admirable way.


Unica is distributed in festivals worldwide by LineUp Shorts – Film Agency (ESP).

Festival Official Website: www.inventaunfilm.it
Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/inventaunfilm
Instagram Page: https://www.instagram.com/inventaunfilm/

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